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Named for the zesty and versatile Japanese citrus fruit, Sudachi celebrates the best flavors and qualities of Japanese cuisine, driven by the desire to provide a world-class sushi experience in our small mountain town. Focusing on freshness and sustainability, we have created dishes, cocktails, and an environment that honor this passion.

Given our uncompromising dedication to upholding this mission, Sudachi must evolve with the changing markets to continue to provide the highest quality experience and ingredients. To do this, we have created two restaurants in one. The first represents “Sosaku” style sushi, which simply means “creative.” This program (offered Tues-Fri weekly) acknowledges that fish is only available for next-day delivery on select days of the week. The menu centers on sashimi, nigiri and sushi, carefully crafted with a delicate use of ingredients that highlight and enhance the flavor of the fish.

Our additional program (offered Sat-Mon weekly) is called “Izakaya,” an informal Japanese style of dining that emphasizes drinks and shared small plates. Much like an American pub, but with Japanese influence, the menu offers something for everyone – from light to substantial, from traditional rolls to noodles.

Whatever night you decide to dine at Sudachi, our most popular and classic dishes will always be available.

For “Sosaku” nights, we strongly suggest reservations as the chef creates the menu on a daily basis and strives to tailor the food and drinks specifically to you.

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