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Persephone Bakery: Local Ingredients Meet European Charm

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Persephone Bakery: Local Ingredients Meet European Charm


Persephone Bakery may be inspired by the chic air of a French cafe, but at its heart, it’s a classic Jackson Hole restaurant. The bakery’s owners are all about local and seasonal food, as indicated by their sophisticated, yet down-to-earth menus. Affordable meals are always available here and at other restaurants in Jackson Hole, thanks to DealsJH.


Bread and Pastries

Attention to detail is evident in every step of Persephone Bakery’s bread making process. The bakery’s dough is leavened with a natural culture and shaped by hand. After being given plenty of time to rise, the bread is baked in a custom German oven. This results in a delicious flavor and a welcoming aroma. Pastries are also a big deal at Persephone Bakery, where each pastry is baked day-of and delivered by 7:15 am. A second batch of fresh, late morning pastries is delivered at 10:30 am.


Breakfast and Lunch

An afternoon breakfast is always within reach when you visit Persephone Bakery, where breakfast is served until 3 pm. The cafe’s amazing breakfast menu includes omeletts, French toast, and a variety of other favorites with a European spin. The lunch menu is just as delicious, and features a wide range of sandwiches and salads. Persephone Bakery offers catering, and the great deals from DealsJH ensure that you and your entire family or office can enjoy the best of its breakfast menu without blowing your budget.


Wine and Cocktails

From coffee to cocktails, there is always something delicious to drink at Persephone Bakery. Many visitors sip espresso or oolong tea as they down their pastries, but others prefer wine or cocktails alongside a late lunch. The restaurant’s wine menu is extensive and includes a range of white, red, sparkling, and rose options. Beer drinkers will also be in heaven at Persephone, which offers several European brews. The restaurant’s cocktails are particularly delicious, with locals and tourists alike opting for the Bellini Float and the Good Morning Vietnam.




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